berber tæpper

Marrokansk tæppe med pom poms i 100% naturlig uld eller bomuld, hånd spundet og vævet.

    Håndvævet på gamle trævæve, hvor gamle traditionelle metoder er gået i arv gennem mange generationer i Marrakech.

Tæpperne er er håndspundet og vævet af fåre uld eller bomuld i beste kvalitet.


1. Dry cleaning

2. Maskinvask uld pogram 30* med et skånsomt vaskemiddel. Hænges til tørre.

3. Håndvask med skånsomt vaskemiddel. Hænges til tørre.

berber blanket

- Moroccan bedspreads, blankets & throws with pom poms made from 100% natural wool or cotton,  hand spun and hand woven.

•    Hand woven on ancient wooden looms, using traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation at one of the most reputable weaving workshops in Marrakech.

•    Woven using 100% Natural, hand spun sheep's Wool, or Pure Moroccan Cotton, ensuring that it is of the finest quality available in the local markets.  All our wool and cotton is hand spun by woman from rural areas around 



To keep your cover clean, we recommend any of the following:

1. Dry cleaning

2. Machine wash on a wool cycle, 30º with a delicate detergent and then hang dry.

3. Hand wash with a delicate detergent and then hang dry. Use a liquid detergent specific for wool.

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